Our Clients

The law firm of Joseph Shem Tov & Co. provides its clients with top-quality legal services, based on experience, a creative business approach, its profound knowledge of the law and regulations and its constant relations with the various authorities.
A personal approach along with professional excellence and rich experience, allows the firm to provide its clients with up to date legal advice of the highest quality while understanding the specific business activity of each client. The firm maintains long-term relationships with its clients and provides them with professional legal advice and practical legal solutions that enable business growth.

The law firm of Joseph Shem Tov & Co. has the expertise required to provide professional solutions while handling complex legal and business challenges. The most favorable legal strategy is decided upon in full cooperation with the client and tailored to its business needs along with personal support and attention every step of the way.

Client Base

Our Clients include a broad array of prominent public and private corporations operating in a wide range of activities, among them, real estate, industry, high-tech, retail, food, investment and venture capital. Our clients enjoy the uncompromising professionalism and loyalty of the firm, its swift and effective response and the accumulated experience gained over the years.