Corporate Finance

The area of corporate finance spans various legal aspects, mostly in the areas of corporate law, secure transactions law, contract law, the law of guarantee and securities laws. Corporate finance may be structured in different ways such as equity financing transactions, loan and other transactions created an indebtedness, loan facilities convertible into securities, shareholder loan transactions, debt backed financing, factoring and a variety of other methods. Each corporate finance vehicle has separate and distinct financial and legal characteristics and consequences that are derived from the nature of the particular vehicle.

The law firm of Joseph Shem Tov & Co., Advocates has significant experience and expertise in accompanying corporate entities in a variety of corporate finance transactions. Within this area, our firm provides legal assistance to financial institutions and other businesses. Our staff is involved closely and continuously in complex corporate finance transactions and provides its clients with legal advice on all aspects of corporate finance including bank financing, institutions financing, public financing, private financing and other.

Our staff acts for borrowers such as entrepreneurs, businesses, companies and commercial ventures in formulating their financing-related strategies and policies, as well lenders such as financial institutions, 'angels' and private lenders. We provide our clients with legal advice on all aspects or corporate finance and in this framework advice lenders and financing bodies in a variety of finance transactions including equity financing, venture capital financing, debenture backed financing, bank financing, non-bank financing and asset-backed financing. Our firm has substantial knowledge and experience in structuring, negotiating and implementing finance transactions, as well as in drafting all necessary loan and collateral agreements. 

The legal services we provide in this area are diverse and span many topics, including the following:

  • Assisting our clients in formulating a corporate finance strategy and in locating potential lenders.
  • Drafting loan and other finance agreements and negotiating such agreements.
  • Drafting debentures.
  • Handling leveraged finance transactions.
  • Drafting factoring agreements.
  • Drafting pledge agreements involving assets and guarantees.
  • Handling the financing off M&A transactions.
  • Performing legal due diligence for lenders and financing bodies.