Commercial Law

Commercial law focuses on a wide array of legal and business issues that arise in the life of any company or other legal entity that is engaged in commerce and trade. This is a complex and dynamic area of the law that does not only require knowledge in multiple legal disciplines, but in which the legal adviser's business and economic orientation also becomes an asset to the client.

The law firm of Joseph Shem Tov & Co. specializes in providing top quality ongoing legal advice on all aspects of commercial law, while maintaining a close and supportive relationship with the firm's clients. We also boast having the business and economic orientation that is required to provide an all-encompassing and thorough advice to the client.

The firm has close familiarity with the activities of each of its clients and each paticular case we make sure that we also understand the business environment in which the client operates. As a result of these efforts our clients benefit from effective and creative legal solutions that are 'tailored' to their individual needs.

The vast experience of the firm's professional team enables it to provide comprehensive legal services for any type of commercial and business conduct that spans the 'life cycle' of the business, from the stage determining the type of legal entity that is most suitable for the client's needs, the establishment of the relevant legal entity, advising the client on an on-going basis on labor law and employment matters, contract and corporate issues, planning any transaction that the client may wish to embark upon (including, assistance in financial planning and funding structure, risk assessment and tax considerations), negotiating, drafting and implementing agreements, assisting the client in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from government agencies, through the closing of the transaction.

The firm provides its clients the full spectrum of commercial legal work, including:

  • Ongoing commercial legal advice.
  • Planning the structure of various commercial transactions.
  • Negotiating commercial transactions.
  • Drafting and implementing commercial agreements, including: consultancy agreements, licensing agreements, franchising agreements, investment agreements, distribution agreements, loan and financing agreements, manufacturing agreements, service agreements, sales agreements, cooperation agreements and so forth.
  • Legal advice and guidance on consumer law issues.