Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The field of Litigation and dispute resolution requires legal knowledge across a wide range of areas, as well as from a commercial and economic perspective and knowledge of complex processes and procedures. Quality legal representation in front of the various courts and judicial authorities does not depend solely on legal expertise and a good knowledge of the file, but also on creativity in its planning and in communicating and representing the file and the client's claims in front of the relevant courts and authorities.

At Joseph Shem Tov & Co., the litigation team has vast experience in handling complex litigation matters and representing clients in front of the courts of all instances and other judicial bodies. The firm's litigation team is made up of lawyers with rich experience and a top reputation, each with a deep understanding of different legal disciplines. The department has extensive experience in handling complex legal proceedings, whether in the courts of in other forms of dispute resolution, including in arbitrations and mediation.

The firm's litigation lawyers appear before all instances and forms of hearings in Israel and they have expertise and valuable experience in managing complex legal proceedings and in representing different clients in commercial, civil and administrative matters, including representative actions, derivative actions, arbitration, interim orders, administrative petitions, applications to the High Court of Justice (Bagatz), liquidation proceedings, receivership proceedings, creditors arrangements and others.

The firm's services in the field of litigation and dispute resolution:

  • Appearing before all instances of the courts and administrative authorities.
  • Commercial disputes relating to contract law.
  • Disputes relating to corporate law and securities law, struggles for control and claims of prejudicial treatment against minority shareholders.
  • Disputes between partners and shareholders.
  • Representative and derivative actions.
  • Temporary relief, including injunctions and specific performance orders in a wide range of fields.
  • Disputes relating to technology.
  • Disputes relating to trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements and other intellectual property rights.
  • Disputes relating to intellectual property and copyrights.
  • Claims relating to liability for defective products.
  • Tender laws, including validity of tenders and tender processes.
  • Defamation claims and privacy.
  • Representation in arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution.
  • Claims relating to commercial wrongs.
  • Consumer claims, such as claims of deception and unfair standard clauses.